Thursday, August 18, 2016

Staycation Day Four

On "staycation" this week.

Singing: Practicing Panis Angelicus

Running: Will walk for an hour today

Crafting: Working on Noelle's dress. Starting round 7.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Running: Signed up to run in Harvard on September 13th. I have a LOT of training to do in order to be ready, but I have started walking every day

Run for the Hills

Singing - Sang last Sunday for the Shaker Cemetery Restoration ceremony. Planning on attending the Mozart Requiem Sing-A-Long with Chorus Pro Musica next Monday, August 10th. Not doing so well with practicing Ave Maria.

Crafting: Am 3/5ths finished with Ricky's blanket.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy July 4th! (plus one)

7:36 AM

Happy July 4th!

Had an awesome time last night with Keith Lockhart and the Pops, as watched from the couch with my three cats.

This is the Boston Pops 1812 Overture from 2013:

Not my favorite version, as the first part of this is sung and I prefer all instrumental for this piece, but this at least is the complete work. Most of the posts on You Tube are of just the end, which is actually my least favorite part. I played this in high school on clarinet and it is a beast :) 

That experience really enhances my appreciation for the professional musicians who make up the Pops and other famous orchestras. The ability to take all of those instruments and make this piece sound as one is just truly amazing. Try to take a group of 50 or so people and make them play the same notes at exactly the same time. Amazing.

Did a lot of stuff yesterday:
- Went to the Old Mill with Dave, had lunch and fed ducks. This was a break from my Indian food tradition, but it was fun. I will happily eat the Indian food for supper this week.
- Worked out at the gym; Session Two of Week 1's from Couch to 5K. Did all of the arm machines for chest, back and arms. No Aleve needed!!!!
- Sang O Holy Night and practiced Ave Maria....again....still cannot get the timing right or the E for "ventris". Would like to have this worked out before my voice lesson this Wednesday.
- Crocheted a piece of the cover I am making for the ugly filing cabinet in my bedroom.

Around 5:00, The Fatigue struck and would not let go, so I had to sleep. But, I woke up at 6:30 and made it all the way through the Pops concert feeling good.

Going for a long walk this morning and will continue making small advances today in the de-cluttering and cleaning of my condo. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fungus On My Ceiling, Yeast In My Lungs, Caused By Mold

8:11 AM

To be sung to the tune of "Tears On My Pillow".

Actually, I really shouldn't take a beautiful song and put mold lyrics to it, but all in fun :)

And a great excuse to bring back an old oldie, but a good goodie:

My upstairs neighbor told me that mold is growing under his floor/above my ceiling. There are no visible signs of it, but yesterday when I went to do laundry, I noticed several ceiling tiles were blackish. I e-mailed our building guy this morning.

What does this have to do with singing, running or crafting? Nothing :) But I did include a song here, did I not :)

If you read my posts, expect lots of cat stories too. I have three wonderful cats, Lucky, Andy and Tiki and I adore them. I adore all cats actually. I volunteer for Forgotten Angels of Westford, MA.

Forgotten Angels Cat Shelter

Here are my Three Musketeers: Tiki, Andy and Lucky

There are two reasons I started this blog:

Reason 1
These past 2.5 years have been absolute Hades in terms of financial stability, and also the deaths of 5 living beings I held dear. But, I have finally reached the Proverbial Light and I am getting back on my feet again.

Reason 2
The other reason I created this blog is because I suffer from extreme fatigue and I intend to use this the way a person would count calories on Lose Each and every day I will strive to avoid my couch after work and do something more constructive instead. Then I will log the events on this blog.

I was surprised to see that 26 people have read my silly little blog. According to Google Analytics anyway. Wow....well, I can't promise anything exciting on these pages but I will try to be entertaining.

Now quit reading, go outside, and enjoy the beautiful day!

Friday, July 3, 2015

4:31 PM

This will have to be a quick entry. I never took that walk this morning and I am going out there even though it is 1,000 degrees in the shade. Okay, slight exaggeration :)

As always, my time with Perry at the studio was wonderful. We caught up on each other's stuff and settled down into happy crafting. I worked on The Ricky Project, pictured below:

This picture also shows my work area at the studio :)

The blanket looks better in person.....really.....

Perry & I went to Conrad's at lunch, per usual, joy :)

I usually order steak tips, but today I had their lovely squash ravioli with a salad and iced tea (the good kind). As always, we shared a strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Then back to the studio, top down on Perry's Mercedes convertible, and more crafting.

We left at 3:00ish and now I am home nursing my painful back. It's been hurting since I've started exercising again, but I am determined to work through it.

I am going to Karen's tonight after I feed Tiki, Andy and Lucky, but am going for a walk first. For real. Must exercise no matter how hot or how painful.